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Pain Free, Hair Free

Millions of people suffer from it, but no one likes to talk about it. HAIR. What’s the most effective way to get rid of it?

It seems nowadays we’re prepared to discuss anything, from botox to bedroom issues, but excess body hair (especially women’s facial hair!) is a topic kept firmly under wraps.

What do you do about it? There’s waxing, yet the re-growth period in between treatments can be distressing, there’s depilatory creams, only to find you can be left with a horrible rash afterwards, and threading, carried out in the middle of a department store for all and sundry to see! Yet the new phenomena that is the first pain free hair removal treatment, has taken our patients by storm.

So whats all the noise about? Well, unlike traditional IPL hair removal, a truly uncomfortable procedure which can only be likened to an elastic band snapping against your skin, the Soprano XL uses IN-MOTION™ technology and is more akin to a relaxing hot stone massage. So not only is it pain free, but it’s also quicker than traditional laser hair removal and safe for all skin types.

So many of our patients have been impressed with it that they’re booking in additional areas to get treated. One lady even said to us last week, “my husband may see this as a beauty luxury but considering the cost of a lifetime of waxing or the hours spent shaving, its money truly well spent”.

Don’t delay – book in now for your free consultation and patch test, just in time for the start of bikini season!

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Botox vs Dysport – The Wrinkle Smoothers Go Head To Head

According to a recent controversial new study, it seems that the ever popular wrinkle smoother Botox may have finally met its match with anti-wrinkle injectable Dysport.

A face off between the 2 products took place in San Francisco – while one was injected into the right side of a patient’s face, the other was injected into the left side.

Neither the researchers nor the patients knew which side received which treatment and it was Dysport that came out as the winner! Researchers reported that the crow’s feet on the Dysport side looked smoother, and two-thirds of the 90 participating patients preferred the Dysport side as well.

More studies need to be conducted to determine how Dysport holds up over time as compared to Botox, but both products work in the same way to block nerve signals to the muscles, therefore ‘relaxing’ them.

Take part in the anti-wrinkle debate and let us know what you think… which is your preferred anti-wrinkle treatment?

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Spoil Your Dad this Father’s Day

After years of hard work taking care of you and showing you the right way in life, say thank you to your dad this Father’s Day with a gift voucher from The Hadleigh Clinic.

Offering a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, from Botox to rid his worry lines through to Vaser Lipo to shift that middle-age spread, there’s something for every Dad out there.

To order a gift voucher call us today on 08456 44 77 11.

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Bums, Boobs and Botox!

If you didn’t catch “Bums, Boobs and Botox” on TV last
night, then don’t despair, you’ve still got the chance to see it online at 4oD.

And we’d recommend you do – it’s a quirky documentary following 4 patients as
they undergo various surgical and non-surgical treatments.

If you want to find out more about our non-surgical procedures and how they may be able to help you, call us now on 08456 44 77 11 to book a free consultation.

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The Secret to Eternal Youth?

The Daily Mail recently reported that a blood test will be going on sale later this year, costing £400,  that can reveal how long you will live. The test works by checking on the length of your telomeres. What are telmoeres I hear you say? Well, telomeres slow down and protect your strands of DNA against wear and tear, so the longer your telomeres, the better you will age.

But do we really want to know how long we’re going to live?

Surely we just want to look and feel the best we can which in turn will increase our general well-being and happiness?

We know that we can’t avoid the ageing process, but we can certainly prevent the signs of premature ageing caused by external factors – take a look at our guide to see how.

If however you’re bothered by visible signs of ageing, there are a number of treatments available to help. We’re always happy to carry out a free consultation to examine your skin, discuss your concerns and help you keep that youthful feel!

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Helping Hands – Are SPF Gloves the Answer?

Ever heard of SPF gloves?  Nor had we until today!  With summer virtually here, everyone is starting to think about ways they can protect their skin from the harmful rays. Just take a look at Nigella Lawson’s recent method – a burkini!  But even Nigella forgot one important part of her body.. her hands.

Fashion designer, Angeli Jackson is set to change this with her new ‘functional and practical’ line ‘sunsibility’, which is a variety of sun protective clothing.

Angeli has created gloves that are made-to-measure for each customer, come in three lengths and are available in 20 colours (including a lurid bright green). With a sun protection factor of 50, the closely woven fabric will prevent any harmful UV rays from reaching the hands.

But wearing a pair of full length gloves might be the last thing you feel like putting on when the hot sun is beating down, so if you want to protect your hands, but don’t want to go to such extreme measures, then we can advise you on our professional sunscreens. Although over the counter sunscreens are certainly better than nothing, prescription-strength sun protection products offer so much more.

Yet whilst prevention is always better than a cure, you may be a victim of sun damage already. If you’ve developed age spots and liver spots or have general sun damage, then we offer a range of treatments to help reverse these signs.

After all, neglected hands are a dead age giveaway, so take a look at our hand rejuvenation treatments and turn back the clock today.



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Don’t Look Like the Easter Bunny this Weekend!

They’re the lines you didn’t even know you had to worry about, but lines on the bridge of your nose are now colloquially known as ‘bunny lines’,  because if you wrinkle your nose like a bunny, you’ll tend to see this area of your nose wrinkle up.

They sound cute, but the name is the only good thing about them. Bunny lines are caused by over active facial muscles on the sides of the nose, but fortunately these lines can be softened or eliminated safely and quickly with the skilled use of Botox®..

So make sure the only Easter bunny there is this weekend, is a chocolate one!


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Life Through a Lens

As the most talked about wedding of the year draws close and everyone’s in the midst of organising their Royal Wedding street parties, it’s made my team and I turn nostalgic and reflect upon our own wedding days.  But bringing out old photos doesn’t conjure up the special memories that everyone was hoping for, rather they start to scrutinise their facial flaws!

With the portrayal of perfect images in every glossy magazine it’s no surprise that people often shy away every time a camera is pointed in their direction. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Advances in cosmetic medicine mean you can achieve that flawless look without digital enhancement and more importantly without surgery. 

Here are my top tips for making you look your best for those special occasions:

1. Make Your Skin Glow: Youthful skin has a certain dewy glow to it as light bounces off smooth facial contours and plump healthy skin cells. Medically proven collagen boosting treatments such as Dermaroller and Skin Hydration Therapy can help you keep your skin looking young and fresh.

2. Smile With Confidence: Although smiling means that you’re happy, it does also emphasise lines around the eyes, folds and wrinkles around the mouth, and thinning lips. Botox® and fillers can soften and sometimes eliminate these imperfections leaving you plenty to smile about in front of the camera

3. Reverse The Years: Sun damage is the main reason you may look older than you are. But it’s now possible to reverse it with skin rejuvenation treatments such as IPL, laser resurfacing and chemical peels.

4. Plan Ahead: Starting cosmetic treatments earlier on can prevent more extensive treatments later on. However for those not so organised, make sure any treatments are carried out 4-6 weeks prior to any special occasion.

So don’t despair. Using the latest and safe cosmetic treatments, it is now possible for you to fight the ageing process and look and feel the best you can. Smile, and say cheese!

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Should Beauty Therapists be Allowed to Inject Botox and Dermal Fillers?

A big debate has been going on for some time now about who should and shouldn’t be authorised to administer cosmetic injectables. However, now it has reached a whole new level as the Cosmetic Treatments and Injectable Association (a new association formed last month by its Chairman Molly Hanson-Steel), has openly set out to challenge the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) and its Treatments You Can Trust Register which excludes practitioners who aren’t doctors, dentists or registered nurses from its government backed quality assurance accreditation scheme for cosmetic injectable providers.  And on top of that, some beauty therapists are also trying to validate their claims to the use of a prescription medicine (botulinum toxin) and dermal fillers for cosmetic rejuvenation. 

None of the major suppliers and manufacturers of cosmetic injectables support the use of their products by non-medically qualified practitioners, so why are beauty therapists so adamant that they should be able to use them? Botulinum Toxin is a prescription only medication and fillers are medical devices, therefore as their name suggests, they are fundamentally medical procedures requiring a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and dermatology, together with specialist training in each procedure.

A one day training course does not provide non-medically qualified ‘therapists’ with the depth of knowledge required for these types of treatments, nor the understanding or skills to deal with the complications that can occasionally arise from them. The public needs to protect themselves by demanding to be treated in a safe, medical environment by a competent, well trained cosmetic doctor or a suitable healthcare professional who makes the patients interests his or her first concern. It may be cosmetic but it is still medicine.

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The Hadleigh Clinic Website has a Makeover!

Today is a double celebration!  After months of hard work, we’d like to officially welcome you to our new-look website and our new blog!

In this day and age, we know how important our image is, and with that, we often feel the need to re-invigorate the way we look and feel; well we decided that the same was true of our own, and today we are celebrating the launch of our revamped and improved website featuring a fresh design, new features, and a wealth of information on everything you need to know about The Hadleigh Clinic and our non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We hope you like our new look!

And with the new look, comes our new blog! Follow us as we give you our thoughts and opinions on the latest news stories in cosmetic medicine, updates from the clinic and sometimes just random musings – we hope you enjoy it and do of course feel free to join in – we’d love to hear your comments!

To that end you can also now find us on Facebook and Twitter and be one of the first to receive news of any offers or new treatments.

In the meantime take a look around our new site and we hope to see you soon.

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