Pigmentation problems? We can help.

Treatment Info

Dermamelan (Amelan)

The most effective treatment for Melasma and stubborn pigmentation.

What is Dermamelan?

Dermamelan is the result of years of research by Dr Krulig, a plastic surgeon, who specialises in skin pigmentation disorders. The Dermamelan treatment is a versatile process adapted to the needs of each patient.

    Which conditions can it be used to treat?

    Dermamelan is a depigmentation agent used to treat the following skin conditions:
  • Melasma - patchy or generalised dark pigmentation of the skin
  • Chloasma - patchy brown or dark brown skin discoloration that usually occurs on a woman's face and may result from hormonal changes e.g. pregnancy and the contraceptive pill.
  • Lentigo – small, sharply circumscribed, pigmented spot
  • Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation

    Additional benefits of Dermamelan

    Dermamelan also provides skin beautification:
  • It improves the signs of photo-ageing and photo-damage of the skin
  • It regulates sebaceous secretion especially in mixed and greasy skins
  • It reduces pore size and can prevent spots from appearing
  • It can be used at any time of the year
  • It can be used safely on all skin types

How does it work?

Dermamelan influences the melanogenesis (pigment producing) process. Dermamelan contains: Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Arbutine, Titanium Dioxide and Retinyl Palmitate. These products block the production of melanin (pigment) by inhibiting tryosinase – an essential enzyme involved in the formation of pigment.

Preparing for the treatment

During your consultation a diagnosis of your pigmentation problem will be made. A full medical history will then be taken to assess your suitability, and the benefits and potential side effects will be discussed in full.

To learn more about the process (including pre and post treatment information) click here.

What is the treatment like?

Stage 1 (Intensive treatment carried out in the clinic)

Your skin will be prepared with an alcohol based solution to remove all the grease/sebaceous secretions from your skin which aids the penetration of the ingredients. The Dermamelan mask, formulated with a high concentration of lightening ingredients is then applied.

Stage 2 (Maintenance treatment carried out at home)

On completion of the application time (usually 8-12 hours), the excess Dermamelan mask is removed with soap and water. The maintenance cream is then applied daily as prescribed.

The Dermamelan cream mask (which is brown/yellow in colour) will then be applied to your skin. There should be no discomfort or irritation to the skin while the mask is on. You will leave the clinic with the cream mask on so a suitable mode of transport home should be organised in advance – public transport is not advisable. After a specified time you will be told to remove the cream mask and follow the written after-care instructions provided.

    Anticipated side effects Dermamelan is a very safe procedure however some common side effects should be anticipated.
  • Skin tightness. For a day or two after the Dermamelan cream mask is removed the skin may feel tight
  • Skin redness. After the mask is removed and during the initial period of using Dermamelan maintenance cream at home, the face may appear red. The degree of redness will depend on your natural skin colouring and sensitivity to the treatment.
  • Skin Flaking/Peeling. During the first week after the Dermamelan mask treatment you should expect some skin flaking or peeling. The degree of skin exfoliation is highly variable and therefore some patients choose to take a few days off work while the initial effects of the treatment settle.

A moisturiser (supplied by our clinic) can be applied to relieve any skin discomfort during this time. During the course of the continued treatment with Dermamelan maintenance cream you may also experience some skin flaking and/or redness. This usually settles as the skin builds up tolerance to the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The face mask is generally applied only once, however for patients with significant pigmentation, a second mask can be applied 2 weeks after the initial treatment. The home application of Dermamelan maintenance cream will continue for several months as advised.

When will I see a result?

Depending on the severity of your pigmentation you will begin to see an improvement after 2-8 weeks. You will be advised on how to use the ‘home-care’ products and for how long to prevent the pigmentation from recurring. The daily use of a moisturising sunscreen is essential.