IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Beautiful skin in a flash

IPL Safety

Intense Pulsed Light treatments in the right hands are an effective, non-invasive procedure used to improve many skin conditions.

Unfortunately in October 2010 the government decided to de-regulate Laser and IPL treatments and therefore anyone without knowledge of the skin and basic light physics is able to provide these treatments.

In the wrong hands it can cause burns, permanent scarring and long-term damage (as seen below) or simply wasted money due to ineffective treatments.

IPL machines vary considerably (this is often reflected in the treatment price) and therefore IPL results can vary considerably. Results will also vary depending on the operator – a knowledgeable and experienced therapist will know why, when and how to change the treatment settings for optimal results and safety.

Please note: At The Hadleigh Clinic you will not be able to proceed with a treatment unless you have had a patch test carried out first. Treatments on different body areas (e.g. face and décolletage) will require patch tests on both of these areas. The purpose of the patch test is to see how your skin will react to the settings used; it helps to reduce the risk of complications and optimises treatment outcomes. You will also be required to wear the provided eye safety glasses and goggles during your treatment.

Below are some pictures taken from the internet to demonstrate how IPL and Lasers can burn if used incorrectly- please don’t let this happen to you!