Jowls and Neck

Neck (Platysmal) Bands

The platysma is a thin sheet of muscle, positioned between the collar bone and the jaw, whose action it is to depress the lower jaw and pull the corners of the mouth and lower lip sideways and down.

In the young, the platysma is hidden behind a layer of fat however as we grow older, our body fat is redistributed around the body. Unfortunately one of the places we tend to lose fat padding is in the neck. As this padding decreases overtime, eliminating the barrier between the skin and the muscle, platysmal neck bands begin to emerge.

Neck bands are also thought to be genetic with approximately 85% of people suffering from neck band found to be female, but suffer no more! - Botox® is used to relax these bands, softening the appearance of an ageing neck.

Neck Bands

Before and After Botox® treatment