Jowls and Neck

Sagging Jowls

One of the bothersome early signs of facial ageing is the onset of jowling. The beautiful smooth strong jawline of former youth is gradually replaced by the soft, irregular jawline of the ageing face.

Time and gravity results in the sagging of the muscle, skin and fat and ultimately the formation of jowls and the prejowl sulcus (the depressed area directly in front of the jowl on either side of the chin).

Whilst the ultimate and probably most effective treatment is facelift surgery, for those looking for safer, less invasive alternatives, the treatment options include:

Dermal Fillers – Advanced dermal filler techniques are used to fill the sunken prejowl sulcus area. The fillers are typically placed in the deep dermis below the skin in the recessed area between the jowl and the chin. This procedure can restore a natural, straighter contour from cheek to chin.

Sagging Jowls

The arrow on the photograph indicates the positioning of the dermal filler.



Subdermal Fillers – This technique uses fillers underneath the skin in the cheeks area to create more volume in the midface and lift the jowl area. In some instances, a combination of these procedure may be used to optimise contouring and longevity of the results.